I am so very grateful - to have met you Sanja.

Your guidance helps me reconnect to my wholeness, my divinity and my original mission why I came here on earth :)

In addition you give me tools "keys" how to heal all my cells from old pain, fear, beliefs, contracts and shame to become truly free for the NOW. You remind and tie me back into the bigger picture. You lovingly blow up my mind. So I feel carried, protected, connected and find back to the basic trust. The knowledge of the fullness and companionship, that I am always well taken care of.

Mirijam S.

I took all four modules with Sanja and received all the keys of consciousness. Already after the first module it was clear that Sanja's method is different, goes deeper, opens a stronger connection to myself and to the spiritual world and I thus live my life more clearly and freely.

With all the offers Sanja makes, she always leaves me in my full self-responsibility and always remains modest and humble in all her knowledge and all her approaches. Whoever is looking for a classic guru is out of place here.

I also experience that I have a different effect on people on the street, people look at me as if I come from another planet - which I do, as I now become more and more aware.

My vibration has increased and manifestation and co-creation work much easier.

For over a year we have been meeting weekly for a meditation / channelling evening with Sanja. Since it's Monday, the rest of the week I am energized and at the same time calm inside. A wonderful state.

Thank you dear Sanja for the fine field that surrounds you and makes it much easier for me to experience my own abilities. I can recommend your method to all people who want to find their own divinity again and anchor it in themselves.

Achim Kempf

Sanja always manages to transport me into other spaces and states of consciousness through the meditations.

Her connection to the other dimensions helps me a lot in this time of shift to stay in trust and to sense the stronger connections.

Dirk S.