Quantum Keys of Consciousness®

What are Quantum Keys of Consciousness?

Re-alignment with yourself as a quantum means to be re-align with the laws of physics as the universal drive of consciousness. Sanja Tesla

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These are ethereal interdimensional keys given to me through Metatron Consciousness. These keys vibrate in a very specific range of vibrations and tones. Through their activations in physical reality they increase our perception and ascension, they are accelerators into the new levels of consciousness and higher states of awareness.

When they are active with their vibra-tonal sequences, which sound as ultrasounds and activate sounds in a specific range, they activate the ability to connect to the plasma field and activate plasma body systems.

Quantum keys of consciousness create activations that establish the new connections between the physical body and the plasma bodies in a coherent state of wholeness.

This is a new level of existence. When the plasma body is activated, we become plasma beings, we can adapt within dimensions and it is a holographic existence capable of a completely new experience to explore and understand universal consciousness.

We will be able to play and create with the consciousness of the plasma field, and through this creating we can also balance our physical, emotional, mental and other cosmic bodies.

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Attributes and qualities of the vibrations of the plasma field with which we communicate allow a strong focus on maintaining the perception of love and compassion.

It also enables us to perceive a complete correlation with different quantum levels or dimensions, deep levels of inner peace and conscious observation, energy attributes of the child, attributes of neutrality and the ability to be peaceful, etc. With the activations of the quantum keys of consciousness we can easily enter and surround the resonance of the quantum flow of universal consciousness and live the new state of existence as ONE WITH ALL THAT IS - called ONENESS!

Quantum keys of consciousness communicate and influence on multidimensional levels as equilibrium and guide us to develop and enhance our mastery in the observation and investigation of our Self as the Quantum Self of creation, as the Quantum Design and flow of love and uniqueness.

Activations of the Quantum Keys of Consciousness is a completely new beginning of the existence of the Human Rase as the Galactic and Omniversall Race, Humans, that are conscious of the holographic reality and her quantum nature, Humans that observes and re-designs its own existence thru love, compassion and joy.

The New Love Story is created !

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What is the Plasma Field?

The meaning of the plasma field and how we communicate with this field of consciousness

The word plasma comes from the Greek word "something designed or created", "images behind the valley, the image of the throne of creation", which refers to the world of Sacred Geometry and metaphysical knowledge. Sacred Geometry is the language of consciousness and manifests itself through vibrations, frequencies and energy.

Thus the quantum consciousness of creation communicates with all its parts; forms and colors are part of intelligence.

Toroidal structures are representing the basic fractal patterns of energy release in the creation movement.

What happens during activation?

By unlocking and activating the quantum keys of consciousness, we reactivate our ability to communicate with our universal structure within the quantum field. In this way we can easily enter into the new development and connect with our own blueprint.

Blueprint is the synergy and interference of multidimensional networks, which are intelligently structured and formed together in a perfect quantum flow.

This structure of quantum flow are pulses of the Galactic Center. They pulsate by transmitting electrical signals within the quantum field and promote ripple, creating waves, sounds and vibrations. These different ranges of vibration form the structure of different patterns, which we call dimensions.

Blue universe star explosion

Such up-date also occurs in the structure of our quantum DNA, which manages our energetic systems, all structures, bodies and the physical body itself.

These signals are the constant flow of electrical impulses, they are conducted from the central source and with their supersonic sounds in tones of sequences, scales, which transmit vibrations.

We call it: the light.

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Plasma belongs to the variety of consciousness and is a consequence and side effect of the electrical impulses in the crystalline structures. It brings dynamics of transformation of the ancient physical systems into the design and geometric compositions of our physical bodies and our energetic bodies. It makes evolutionary updates in our geometric crystal structure of the light bodies and enables a new design according to the divine order.

The plasma effect acts as a light, vibration and sound system, providing the flow of energy from the center of the galaxy. It is a benevolent and integrative system that has all the qualities for the New Evolution of Consciousness, which also creates and manages the New "Time-space" network as a telepathy quantum reality.

Plasma offers a perfect and fast interception of bio-photographic, intercellular and submolecular potentials.

The action of plasma is quite possible to restore the lack of biophotonic capacity and to improve the systems of light-coding arrangements in such a way that the plasma, at the moment of connection with the system, carries out the actual transfer of biomaterial at all.levels of the physical body and energy bodies that are deficient and cause changes of old and corrupt developmental codes with new codes of balance and evolution.

Plasma can be experienced as the consciousness of life, the life consciousness that connects all that is, it is that which is formed beyond the concept, completing the concept and creating a larger picture and a new concept.

Plasma is the background of the concept, the abstract meta structure created from the central source of creation - the power of ultra consciousness.

It can be said: Plasma performs the divination not only of our planetary system, but also of the whole universe as a whole and all parts of it.



Quantum Keys of Consciousness - Activations, Plasma Bodies, their names and everything related to this method is patented and protected as the intellectual property of founder Sanja Sasson Tesla.

Sanja Sasson Tesla is currently the only person authorised to educate, and she has not authorised or educated anyone verbally and in writing to provide education and activations.

Sanja Sasson Tesla disclaims any responsibility and distances herself from all those who claim to work and activate by this method and from those who use all the names related to this method.

with love and appreciation
Sanja S. Tesla