Quantum Keys of Consciousness®for the New Plasma Body Activations

Quantum keys of consciousness are ultrasound - Holographic Multidimensional keys for the new development of our Human Self. They offer us possibilities to create a new communication and integration with our multidimensionality and open up within us

the quantum gates of infinite possibilities and new insights into our many multidimensional aspects. The quantum keys of consciousness are ethereal and arranged in multidimensional scales of sound sequences and numbered with master numbers as 33:66:99:144

These activations are given in four modules as new tools to improve the understanding of our quantum nature, to develop consciousness and to descend our multi-aspects as higher consciousness into the physical body.

These activations open us to re-understand, re-think, re-program, rebuild and re-create our old-fashioned human consciousness for the new human cosmic version.


The first level of Plasma Body Activations by the Quantum Keys of Consciousness 33 activates the SOLAR PLASMA BODY.

Quantum keys of consciousness 33 represents

  • Lightning the path to enlightenment
  • Consciousness, insight and a comprehensive understanding of duality and its Illumination

More: We learn to play with the Plasma Effects and this amazing consciousness to connect with our universal BODY (Innate) INTELLIGENCE.

We master the ability to balance ourselves on all levels of our existence.


Second level of Plasma Body Activations thru Quantum Keys of Consciousness 66 are activating INTERSTELLAR PLASMA BODY.

Quantum Keys of Consciousness 66 represents:

  • The Structure and Physics of Consciousness
  • The Mastery of Creating and Responding in the Quantum field

More: It is about the new level of realignment and integration with your inner harmony in your 12-dimensional systems and your expansions within 12 dimensions of Gaia and our Galaxy 13:20


Third Level of Plasma Body Activations thru Quantum Keys of Consciousness 99 are activating INTERGALACTIC PLASMA BODY.

Quantum Keys of Consciousness 99 represents:

  • integration with your UNIVERSAL PLASMA GRID of Quantum Mind Consciousness
  • integration with your UNIVERSAL PLASMA GRID of Quantum Hearth Consciousness
  • integration with your UNIVERSAL PLASMA GRID of Quantum Multiaspekt Consciousness - ONENESS


Forth Level for a Plasma Body Activations thru Quantum Keys of Consciousness 144 activating your MER:KA:RA

MER : KA : RA Activations - Plasma Ascended Master Body as a Universal Spherical Body

MER- means light / crystalline consciousness through the dynamics of ultrasonic frequencies, vibrations and electro-impulses

Ka or QA- means Embodiment

RA - means Plasma / UNIVERSAL/ META / OMNI consciousness of gravity, magnetism, electricity and OMNI DNA as collective consciousness of the creative source.


Quantum Keys of Consciousness - Activations, Plasma Bodies, their names and everything related to this method is patented and protected as the intellectual property of founder Sanja Sasson Tesla.

Sanja Sasson Tesla is currently the only person authorised to educate, and she has not authorised or educated anyone verbally and in writing to provide education and activations.

Sanja Sasson Tesla disclaims any responsibility and distances herself from all those who claim to work and activate by this method and from those who use all the names related to this method.

with love and appreciation
Sanja S. Tesla