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„When we start to think that everything is consciousness, we will understand us as Beings and the Life itself.”Sanja Tesla
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My vision

I see the earth, Mother GAIA, in bright rainbow colors, with crystals, with clear water and deep clear sky...
I see people holding hands and growing together more and more in the space of consciousness and wholeness, in their heart-space of universal love and unity.
I see all the realities of Mother Earth GAIA that are seen, understood and worshipped by humanity.
I see all beings and creatures, on all levels of consciousness, that they are respected, honored and loved by humanity.
I see a humanity that loves itself, honors itself and celebrates its own existence.
It celebrates itself as ONE heart, ONE love, as a Galactic Community!


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My story

Infinite Universe

When I was 7 years old, my father told me that the universe is infinite and constantly expanding. From that time on, the idea of an infinite universe fascinated me and I often lay down in the meadow and watched the sky and the clouds.
I remember very well that at that time I asked the question, what does it look like to be in a universe that is expanding?
Because after this question, an intense experience suddenly came to me in a way that I could perceive and understand it well as a 7-year-old child: I experienced that the universe opened up and I was in the middle of it.
I felt safe, connected and loved in the field - universe, it was so soft, gentle and calming. I knew it, I am not alone.
I have to mention that even as a little girl I had moments when I could see much deeper than others and I could enter completely different dimensions. Also in the course of my further years, a part of me always remained in a conscious state and I have forgotten (almost) nothing.

Akashic Chronicle

In 1994, I experienced a stronger awakening and this caused me to explore who I am, why I am here and what my real purpose is here on this planet.

In order to understand all of this a little more and make it more tangible, I began to practice Reiki and then became a ReikiTeacher.

The keys of Enoch
My next wave of awakening came in 2008 and brought me to a reconnection.
After the Reconnection Training and after reading a book by J.J. Hurtak "The Keys of Enoch" something moved in my system and I started to remember and see more. So I went on to Metatron.

Metatron - the New Evolution
In 2011 Metatron entered my daily life and invited me to channel information about the new evolution of mankind and show me the structures of the quantum field, universal energy flows and impulses from the center of the galaxy.
With this knowledge I became aware of why I am on this planet.
I am here to invent and design energetic tools.
It is about assisting Mother Gaia (Mother Earth) and humanity and promoting the evolution of consciousness on the planet.
Metatron showed me how the universal consciousness communicates with all parts of itself and how multiverse, intergalactic, interstellar, solar and planetary communication networks of consciousness are interconnected.

Plasma Bodies
Metatron activated a new systems in my physical body, which he told me are the plasma bodies.
He showed me how I can acknowledge even more of my Higher Self and anchor it on the planet.

Quantum Flow

Metatron continued to share his knowledge with me and reported that it is now "The Quantum Keys of Consciousness".
Keys that served to increase human consciousness and basically so much more...
I then entered the quantum flow. I came out of the state of pure consciousness, which I observed from my Higher Self, which also created this physical vehicle, that all this is a pure choreography of information. This information dances as it creates light, crystals, sounds, vibrations and accompanying forms in the light communication we call Sacred Geometry.

So I started to communicate with my own quantum DNA on a daily basis and thus dived deeper into myself.
And so one day I entered deeper into myself and experienced myself as a consciousness in the Omni-DNA, the collective DNA, and I saw it, I felt it - that is this immeasurable beauty of Oneness ...